Born in 1963 in Casablanca

Lives and works in Marrakech


Upon completion of her schooling in Casablanca, Amina Agueznay studied architecture in Washington DC, where she earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree. In parallel, Amina trained as a jewellery designer. She thus navigates with ease between the miniature and the monumental, a feature that often recurs in her work. Her artistic practice leads her to the borders of the diverse yet complementary fields of design, fashion, or traditional weaving methods that she frequently incorporates into her work.

Back in Morocco, Amina collaborated with government agencies to support artisans in their search for innovation, and to help them to commercialise their products. These experiences were not unlike research and development labs, and became a constant source of inspiration, particularly in her jewellery designs, whose forms evolved over the course of ten years’ time. Her wool pieces, ornamental accessories that play with scale and volume, gradually moved on from the body to invest architectural space. She then began to construct monumental installations, reconnecting with her experience as an architect.

Each of her projects takes shape in collaboration with artisans. “Curiosity, sharing, transmission” is her means to build strong bonds and create exciting projects in partnership with people of exceptional skill.

Her work was shown at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris in 1999, and since then Amina Agueznay has participated in many exhibitions and renowned international art events.

In 2010, she received the prestigious Mediterranean Fashion Prize. Her monumental pieces have been shown in New York, Paris and Berlin.